Confined Spaces Safety Awareness 2019/2020

Whether you are preparing to work in confined spaces for the first time, or have been working in this type of construction for years, the information presented in this course will help you to understand what you can do to keep yourself, your co-workers and the environment you work in safe every day.


Confined spaces can be hazardous if not approached with an understanding of how to prepare for entry, how to enter and work safely, and what to do if an incidence occurs. This course will introduce you to the types of confined spaces and the associated hazards.


You will learn about the activities within a confined space and codes of practice. Different types of hazard controls are presented, including engineering, administrative and protective equipment. Confined space entry procedures, including the rescue plan and evacuation (escape) plan, are explained. Your roles and responsibilities in post-entry inspections and retention of records are also explained.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the types of confines spaces Recognize the potential hazards
  • Assess and control the hazards
  • Understand your roles and responsibilities prior to entry, while working and on leaving a confined space


Who should take this course?


This course is intended for everyone working in confined spaces in any part of the country, in any sector (residential, industrial, commercial, institutional, pipeline, civil). 




The course duration is approximately 3 hours


Gold Seal CreditsOne

Event Details

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Registration Open Oct 1, 2019
Capacity 100
Individual Price $100 +GST