Membership Types

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The prices listed below are full a full year annual membership.  Please contact us today about our reduced, pro-rated, membership rates!

For companies on the frontline of the construction industry including general contractors, subcontractor, supplier or specialize in construction services. One of the primary benefits of membership is access to 1000+ job opportunities and updates through BuildWorks.

In addition to tender opportunities members have access to the Association's industry specific education and networking opportunities, and are automatically registered as members of both the Saskatchewan and Canadian Construction Associations. 

Full Membership with BuildWorks Access: $2215.52

Full Membership w/o BuildWorks: $1799.72




For members of Regina, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw or Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association looking to gain access to the Saskatoon Construction Association's premiere educational and networking opportunities.  Affiliate Members may choose full or basic BuildWorks access and enjoy services as a full member without repaying Saskatchewan or Canadian Construction Association fees.

Affiliate Membership with BuildWorks Access: $1497.30         

Affiliate Membership w/o BuildWorks: $1081.50




For organizations or individuals that have a marketable product or service to the construction industry looking to gain access to networking and marketing opportunities in the construction industry.  Organizations such as law firms, financial institutions, or insurance and marketing agencies can access to our Membership Roster & Buyers Guide, network at membership events, and participate in educational opportunities to increase their exposure in a strategic manner.

Associate Membership: $1244.25


All prices above include our $150+ gst, initiation fee.  If you have been a member of the Saskatoon Construction Association previously, this fee will be waived.