Are Local, Provincial, and National Construction Association Memberships related?

Yes.  When you become a member at the local level by joining the Saskatoon Construction Association, your company also becomes a member of the Saskatchewan Construction Association and the Canadian Construction Association.


If I am a member of another local association do I have access to your services?

No.  If you are a member of another  local  construction association in Saskatchewan you can become an affiliate member with us and save on membership fees.  If you are a member in another province you must become a full or associate member with us and pay full price.

What do I get besides access to the online planroom with my membership?

We have a very active social community upon which many life long industry connections are established.  Our special events and industry education provide: Perfect networking opportunities to connect you to those who will benefit your company most;  Links to industry representatives; Access to local leaders of the industry through mentorship style education and seminars; Information to stay current on industry innovations and trends!

Can I get access to the online planroom without being a member?

You have to be a full or affiliate member of the Construction Association in order to have full access to the online.  However, you may sign up for basic access by going to the login page at canetsk.ca.  You will not be able to see any documents and you will will only be able to see very basic information on the projects.

Can I have a trial week with the online planroom?

Unfortunatley we do not offer any sort of trial period.


Why do I have to pick Trade Categories?

Trade categories are used to filter the Membership Roster and Buyer's Guide which makes it easier to search for a company of a specific trade.  A list of trade categories is available here.