Are Local, Saskatchewan, and Canadian Construction Association Memberships related?

Yes.  When you become a member at the local level by joining the Saskatoon Construction Association, your company also becomes a member of the Saskatchewan Construction Association and the Canadian Construction Association.


If I am a member of another construction association, do I have access to your services?

If you are a member of another local construction association in Saskatchewan you can become an affiliate member with us and save on membership fees.  If you are a member in another province, you will require a full membership to access our services.

What do I get besides access to BuildWorks with my membership?

Construction Information Services is only one of our many services. Exclusive networking & sponsorship opportunities, access to industry leading education, growing your network with our Young Executives, and all help you and your organization gain visibility to a targeted local construction community!

Can I get access to BuildWorks without being a member?

You have to be a full or affiliate member of the Saskatoon Construction Association in order to have full access to the online planroom (BuildWorks).  However, you may sign up for basic access by going to the login page at https://secure.buildworkscanada.com/login.  You will not be able to see any documents and you will only be able to see very basic information on the projects.



Can I have a trial week with BuildWorks?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any sort of trial period.